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My Work


As a digital creative, I'm creating concepts and ideas, I design apps, interfaces & do branding, but I also develop websites and make sure it gets found in Google thanks to Search Engine Optimization. I'm always on the watch to provide the best user experience as well as great conversion.

I'm offering the full package for your online presence. Generating ideas for your campaigns, thinking out a strategy for your next product or analyzing your website so it can be improved.

As a designer, It would be an honor to make my hands dirty and to improve your online platform. Designing for the web in a minimalist & modern style is what I love to do.

As an SEO fanatic, I can make sure your company can be found in the vastness of the internet. Let me help you boost that product or webpage.

Need some more exposure? Let me work my magic, just like Don Draper & I'll launch some great ads for your needs.

Modern Design

I love designing beautiful, usable & modern websites built for your audience's needs. Show them you're a modern and up-to-date business!

Mobile first

Since your customers are always on the go, it's essential that your website is optimized for mobile devices. I'm here to make sure that happens.

App Design

I'm not only designing websites and visuals, I can also provide you with the user interface for your next Android, iOS or Windows app!


Are you looking for someone to build an online shop? Look no further. I can build you a webshop in Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify and Prestashop. I'm trying to learn Magenta as well.


A non-designer should never be worried about code. I can provide a Content Management System (CMS) tailored for your needs. Wordpress, Drupal or another one depending what you want.


The things I develop, will be optimized for speed. Don't make your visitors wait.

Social Media

Getting your customer's attention is something really complex. Luckily, having a good online presence and strategy on social media gets you a long way. Don't forget about conversation management!


Do you want your website to be found? Want to know more about your visitors? How about a high ranking in Google? SEO & Google Analytics are the way to go.

Ads & Ideas

Hire me for some digital marketing concepts and ideas. I'll make sure your audience gets it.

My Services

This is what I can help you with.

Special Qualities

  • Android & iOS Design
  • Web Development & SEO Optimization
  • Pagespeed optimizer
  • Full-stack Javascript
  • Optimistic and determined attitude

My Skills

UI & UX - 85%

85% Complete

HTML, CSS, Javascript - 90%

90% Complete

SEO - 87%

87% Complete

Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign - 85%

85% Complete

Branding & Logo Design - 75%

75% Complete

Social Media & Advertising - 90%

90% Complete

Wordpress & Drupal 8 - 87%

87% Complete

Back-end development (PHP) - 73%

73% Complete


Some of the work I have done over the years for several clients.


Optimistic thinker and lover of the digital world.

With my skills, I try my best to create experiences rather than products. A website is not just HTML, CSS and Javascript, it's your connection to the world, your image. Curiosity and optimism are my greatest assets.

Always on the watch to try new stuff and technologies and also a frequent visitor of creative events and workshops. Minimalistic design and great typography make me happy. Oh and I also enjoy cooking and traveling the world!

Feel free to contact me at lorenz.gillisjans@gmail.com, on +32 479 48 65 32, through Twitter (@Low_res) or simply through the Facebook Messenger

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My Clients


It's not often I write blogs & articles but I'm trying. Read more here or on my Twitter account.


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