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10 Nov 2014


It al began a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I started studying Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More in Mechelen and suddenly my life changed. I started being creative and learned stuff I could never dream off before. The web started to unravel it's secrets and wasn't a mysterious power anymore. It became a magnificent tool.

During this bachelor, I had to design and build my first portfolio site, as well as other apps over the years. I completed this task with succes, got a good grade and delivered a (sort of) responsive website. At the time, I was pleased with the design and it's still okay nowadays, but it needed a change.

So a year ago, I took the step to delete my website from the almighty internet. It seemed like a great idea, but actually it wasn't. I didn't find time to redesign my website and was always busy doing other projects for school and clients instead of making my own website. I vanished and was gone for a long long time.

Next, I graduated and got my first bachelor, yeah! How can a professional live without a website? Answer: he can't. So I started making some mockups, tested out some frameworks like Pure and the Google Web Starter Kit and eventually started some coding.

By now, I already started a new bachelor in Digital Media Management to learn more about advertising, analytics, SEO and more. Then I knew. I said to myself: "Lorenz, get your shit together, take some time for yourself and finish the damn website".

And now we are here and you are reading my first important blog post as well. Hope you enjoyed it, we'll be in touch soon!

Just a sec.